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What is a seizure?

 A seizure is a sudden burst of excess electrical activity in the brain

As the brain is responsible for all the functions of the body, what the person experiences during a seizure will depend on where in their brain the epileptic activity begins and how widely and rapidly it spreads. For this reason, there are many different types of seizures and each person will experience epilepsy in a way that is unique to him/her. 

Most epileptic seizures last somewhere between a few seconds and a few minutes. These may be single and isolated or may occur in a series of seizures. 

Types of Seizures

Seizures are broadly categorized into two groups: Partial Seizures and Generalised Seizures. Though there are almost 40 different types of seizures, we have classified the main types as follows:


Partial Seizures
Generalised Seizures
Seizure Triggers


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