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HOPE Overview

The HOPE Campaign offers an opportunity for people with epilepsy to use their experience to bring about a positive change in the community.  The Campaign has four objectives:

  1. To identify the people living with epilepsy who feel uncomfortable sharing their condition with the public because of the pre-existing stigma in the community
  2. To encourage those identified to sign up on our website; share their story with the community about living with epilepsy and to vindicate the pre-existing stigma that is incorrect.
  3. To provide professional training in public speaking to those who signed up on our Website and shared their story, to help them share their experiences to the wider public in a structured and effective manner.
  4. To line up speaking opportunities for the trained individuals providing opportunities for them to practice what they learned in their training.

HOPE Campaign contains three key phases:

  1. Stand Up and Be Counted Campaign (SUBC) – This is a Hong Kong-wide awareness campaign, aiming to convince individuals living with epilepsy to Stand Up and Be Counted.
  2. Epilepsy Sharing Workshops – A series of workshops aimed to encourage and empower the individuals identified in the first phase to take charge of their condition.  We want to give them the ability to share with others what they face on a daily basis.
  3. Epilepsy Ambassadors – A handbook will be produced to aid those chosen from phase two to deliver their speeches.  They will also be trained by a professional to deliver presentations to the community about this complex and diverse condition.  These individuals will become Enlighten Ambassadors.