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〝Paint the Town Purple〞

Awareness Campaign for Epilepsy

People with epilepsy are no different from you and I, however they live in silence due to a strong stigma associated with Epilepsy. Enlighten believes that raising public awareness on epilepsy, may let individuals have a voice and stand up and be counted, to build an inclusive community environment also. Therefore, Enlighten thought every March “Epilepsy Awareness Month” and launched “Paint the Town Purple” Awareness Campaign hopes to encourage everyone to go purple and support those affected by epilepsy.



26th March is recognized worldwide as “Purple Day” (www.purpleday.com) dedicated to raising epilepsy awareness. The colour purple is associated with epilepsy as the lavender flower symbolizes seclusion and isolation, feelings shared by many of those affected by the mental disorder. On that day, people all over the world are encouraged to wear purple in support of epilepsy awareness. Therefore, every year “Paint the Town Purple” is one of the most significant event held, where Hong Kong public are encouraged to get involved in eliminating misconceptions about epilepsy, providing an accurate and positive perspectives on the condition and promoting safe first aid practice to help those affected by a seizure.



The Enlighten – Action for Epilepsy cordially invite all of you to participate in these meaningful events and show your support to people affected by epilepsy:

• Wear purple and encourage others to do the same: from wearing awareness accessories, ribbons, to dressing in purple, having purple shoe laces, or going all out and dying your hair!

• Host a Purple awareness / fundraising party / event / activity and have purple decorations: at home, school, work or play and donate the proceeds to Enlighten – no matter how small or large, every dollar is greatly appreciated. Invite your friends, family, co-workers and the community.

• Make a tax deductible donation to Enlighten click here to securely make your online donation.

• Print and post the poster of Frist Aid for “Epileptic Seizure” in 5 Steps: to help educate others in your office, school, home, click here to download the first aid poster

• Share facts about epilepsy: to help educate others each day on click here

• Take a purple selfie and post on Facebook and Instagram: purple clothes, lipstick, hat etc. remember to have fun and hashtag (#PTTPyear) eg: #PTTP2017 your photos, so we can share your photos! Tell your friends and family and encourage them to participate too.

• To register as Enlighten – Action for Epilepsy volunteer team, and join the awareness activities: click here to download the volunteer form

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