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People who are affected by Epilepsy often face prejudice and are considered physically vulnerable or cognitively weak.

Enlighten’s 'Tackling Epilepsy' campaign aims to encourage people affected by epilepsy to actively participate in sports and demonstrate that people with epilepsy are just like you and me.

It is a fact that  playing sports develops many positive outcomes and teaches skills  such as team work, hand-eye coordination, physical agility, sportsmanship etc.

Through this initiative, we hope for children affected by epilepsy to not be deprived of the opportunities to develop these skills. Many children are also at the receiving end of isolation and bullying due to the fear from the team-mates that they might lose if the child has a seizure on the field. This is mainly the fear of the unknown and we believe that by giving children the confidence to accept their condition and talk about it, we can tackle epilepsy together!


Aims of the campaign:

  • To spread the message that people who are affected by Epilepsy are not different from you and me!
  • To encourage people affected by epilepsy to play sports
  • To develop demonstrable skills for our members(children affected by epilepsy) by organising games and practice sessions that will increase their interest in sports.


TE_Leaflet_v4-01.jpg“People with epilepsy don’t need someone to fight their battles for them; they just need some advice, support and, occasionally, a shoulder to cry on.  Epilepsy, because of its nature, is often concealed and this has created a stigma. There was, and remains an unmistakable need to increase epilepsy knowledge and awareness in the Hong Kong community."

 Tom Smith (Patron and Co-founder of Enlighten for Epilepsy)



Photos from Tackling Epilepsy events