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List of Neurosurgeons in Hong Kong

(listed in reverse alphabetical order.  Enlighten-Action for Epilepsy cannot assume any responsibility for the professional ability or integrity of the doctors whose name appears on the list.)

Dr. Wu Hing Ting, Peter

Phone: 28908744

Dr. Wong Chi Keung

Phone: 25956431

Dr. Wong Wing Hung, Andrew

Phone: 36518733

Dr. So Sing Cho

Phone: 25213311

Dr. Pang Ka Hung, Peter

Phone: 35175508

Dr. Ng Wing Kit

Phone: 2392 0300

Dr. Leung Cheong Lun, Samuel

Phone: 29586029

Dr. Leung Ka Kit, Gilberto

Phone: 28553368

Dr. Leung Hin Shuen, Clarence

Phone: 25216830

Dr. Lee Man Kong


Dr. Lam Ming Kuen, Joseph


Dr. Kan Yiu Ting

Phone: 27820222

Dr. Hung Kwan Ngai

Phone: 28553368

Dr. Fung Ching Fai

Phone: 27243166

Dr. Fan Yiu Wah


Dr. Chan Kwan Hon

Phone: 28689333

Dr. Chan Sze Tong

Phone: 23677466

Dr. Chan Ping Hon, Johnny


More information can be found at http://www.hkdoctors.org


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